Sunday, April 13, 2014

Streaming Together Again

We're back! On the road again, well nearly. Right now we are camped out at Wilson's RV campground in Asheville, NC, one of the great addresses in the world. We will be heading out to follow Lewis and Clark in a few weeks. We sold our house in Tryon, NC and have not yet bought a replacement. I guess we're homeless, if that can be said of anyone living in an Airstream.

A few weeks ago we took Diva to the Petersburg State Park campground on Lake Thurmond. What a great public campground. Nearly every campsite is waterfront and very large with lots of privacy.

Annabelle and Peyton practice a dance step under a horizon to horizon rainbow.

We camped next to our daughter, Stacey and her husband, Scott. They are new to camping and very excited about it. Here Peyton and Annabelle pose before setting the table for breakfast.

Scott's dog, 'Mater, a Labradoddle, not enjoying being leashed up. Rosie didn't think he was that cute.

Asheville will be our home because it is such a great town and because much of our family lives here.
Sean, Debbie's brother, has lived here for two years. He needed some dental work and we brought him.

Sean never misses an opportunity to hug an attractive woman.

It is also so nice to live near our daughter, Kelley and her family. Here, Peyton gets a pointer from a soccer coach.
Kelley fixes Peyton's hair for the game.

Peyton advances the ball toward the goal.

Diva sits at our campsite on the French Broad River surrounded by ornamental pears (Pyrus calleryana).
During our stay here the pears began losing their flowers making it look like snow.

The view of the French Broad River as the sun rises from Diva.

West Asheville, the section of town where Wilson's RV Campground is located, is a happening section of the happening town of Asheville. The West Asheville Cafe is a great place for breakfast.

Well, we will be here for about 3 more weeks, doing domestic chores, looking for permanence and preparing for our extended journey. We hope to see some of you on the road.

Here's the Black & White for this blog.

Ciao,  Frank