Friday, January 23, 2015

Airstream Machinations

Hi, It's been a while...

One of the problems of retirement, a problem I never experienced during college, med school, residency, or my medical practice, is free time. Rarely had much of it. Now I do. I try to stay active. I do something physical every day. I rarely just sit at the pool or the beach or in the Airstream. Nearly three years after retiring I'm still not used to the extra eight to ten hours free each day (Was that a dangling participle? No, it refers to the subject of the subordinate clause.). So I amuse myself. I read twice as much as ever. I'm studying creative writing. And I play with photography and especially Photoshop. Here are some recent musings on one of my favorite subjects: Airstreams.

Art scholars at the Vatican have recently uncovered what Michelangelo painted before he covered it up with Adam.

Christine's World included at least two Airstreams

Now we know what Edvard Munch was screaming about.

Airstream Rallies are always such fun.

Cezanne and his friends are always welcome at Airstream rallies/

I think Van Gogh had an astigmatism.

This particular view of the moon landing has never been previously released.

The Fab Four: Big Time Airstream enthusiasts

Poker Playing Dogs Love Their Airstreams
Berthe Moriset's Wife Relaxes Near Tampa, florida

Magritte was an Airstream and an Apple fan

The Arkstream

How was the Airstream Rally, Miss Lisa?

Whistler's Mother's Airstream
Abe will be ordering a custom made Airstream with extended head room.

Ciao, Frank!