Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hi! I'm Rosie, The Dog. Here I am reading the latest issue of the DOGS catalogue.

This is my first post so I'm a little nervous. I am a Jack Russell Terrier, NOT a Jack Russell TERRORIST, as my humans, Frank & Debbie, like to tell their friends. They think they are so cute! Blah is what I say. So what if I take my job as guardian of the house seriously. When people come to the house disguised as postal workers, UPS drivers, repairmen, or Bible salesmen I just assume that they are up to no good and so I bark and growl at them a little. And a little bite at the ankle (I call it a "snip") will drive home the point. Just doing my job. Not a TERRORIST.

Well, it is true I don't like other dogs. Except Sammy who I lived with for a while and who loves to play chase around the yard. But all other dogs better stay out of my place. I don't even like them walking on the sidewalk in front of my house and since I have a dog door I can run out into the yard and chase them away. Lucky for them the yard is fenced in or they would get a lesson they would not soon forget.

And I don't like cats either. I barely tolerate Katie, Frank and Debbie's tabby. But I'll never understand why they like her . She is so aloof. She eats her own hair and then vomits it on to the oriental rugs. Do you think it is coincidence that she never misses the rug? I don't. She brings in decapitated varmin into the house and always leaves them right in the middle of the floor. And they call me a terrorist. Ask the mouse community who fits that bill.

So Frank & Debbie are going on this trip across the USA in an Airstream. Seems kind of small and oh, so preppy, to me. But I've been invited to go, which is more than Katie can say, so I'll go with the flow, for now. I am supposed to blog about the things I see and smell along they way. I'll take some pictures from about one foot off the ground. I'm also very philosophical so I'll let you know what I think from time to time.

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Bark, Bark

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