Monday, May 12, 2014

Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville, North Carolina is our new hometown. We lived for 30 years in Aiken, SC and love it. We love our friends and colleagues there but we want to be near family. Debbie's mom and brother live here. Our daughter, her husband and two children also live there. 

So far we are homeless in Asheville, if that can be said of a couple who own an Airstream. We just don't have a house yet. We sold our house in Tryon, NC, about one hour from Asheville and are now living in Diva! Early in May we will be taking off for The Missouri River to follow the Lewis and Clark Trail. So, no rush to get a home.

The French Broad River. This was our campsite at Wilson's Campground. In our last wee here there were thunderstorms and 6 plus inches of rain. The river rose but never got near the bank. Our spot, however, was flooded from rain water. The surge protector worked!. It tripped but nothing in the camper was damaged. I had to go out and stand in 5" of water to reset the surge protector. Was I scared? You'betcha!

Canoes and kayaks were passing by all day. The Asheville Outdoor Center is right next to the campground.  There you can rent canoes, kayaks, or rafts. They will drive you to a spot 7 miles upriver and you can paddle with the current the seven miles back to the center.

Debbie and Rosie survey the French Broad River.

We celebrated Easter at our campsite on the French Broad River. Kelley, James,
Peyton, Galen, Jean, and Sean were there for a cookout.

West Asheville is the funky part of a funky city. 

West Asheville Cafe on Haywood Ave.

This pickup truck was decorated entirely with bottle caps. It's called Art.

Cap Man. The artist.

I didn't know that.

You will be hard-pressed to find any non organic, non-local produce in Asheville

The line is always long at Biscuit Head, a great local place for breakfast & lunch.

Also a long line at Sunny Point, a full service diner.

Standard pizza is housed in an old "Standard" gas station and kept the theme.

Debbie and her brother, Sean, waiting for a table at Sunny Point.

French Broad River Park has a nice dog facility. Rosie didn't like it. Too many dogs!!

Carrier Park was adjacent to the campground.


  1. We pass through Asheville so often; your post and lovely pictures encourage us to linger and explore. Have a great time on the Lewis and Clarke. You should start practicing to say "We proceeded on..."

  2. Hi Frank!
    If you are on the Missouri River in June, maybe consider joining us at June 19-22 rally?
    Or Mande's rally July 17-20

  3. Asheville is a great place to live. My sister lives in Black Mountain and we love visiting the area with our without the Airstream. Asheville is the perfect combination of great restaurants and natural beauty. We keep trying to make it to Davidson River near Brevard but have cancelled twice. We hope to see you down there sometime.