Monday, February 16, 2015

More Airstream Machinations

That Photoshop Guy is at it Again

Abe and Mary getting ready for an Airstream journey

Edvard Hopper loved to travel in his Airstream

Pizza Hut has really upset some Airstreamers with it's new Pink Flamingo Pizza

Bob Dylan and Airstream: Two American Icons

Newly discovered Da Vinci journals

Winslow Homer's Snap the Whip, 1872.
The boys are frolicking because they are about to go an an Airstream Adventure

Pablo Picasso's Tragedy. This painting depicts the suffering of a
 family whose Airstream has just been totaled.

DuChamp's Nude Ascending an Airstream

Norman Rockwell
My father gave me that Airstream and I'm giving it to you mother.
One day it will be yours. Take care of it and it will last forever

Georgia O'Keefe judging art

Thomas Hart Benton painted huge murals of American Life

Bob Marley's Airstream

Thomas Kinkade, A Sunday Evening

Modern Art Gallery

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