Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Blowing Rock Sucks!

Hi, I'm Rosie the dog.

Today we went to Blowing Rock, NC. What an awful place. They don't like dogs here. Look at this
What kind of park doesn't allow dogs? That's anti-American.

 And then look at this from the Bass Lake that my humans liked so much.

No swimming, stay off the ice, no boating, no horses. No boats or buoyant devises.  What is a lake for I ask you? And are these guys nuts?!!  Apparently the only thing you can do at this lake is LOOK AT IT. According to the sign, if you are a ferocious bear, a poisonous snake, a child eating coyote, or a disease carrying cockroach then you are welcome and even protected here. But if you are a DOG you must be collared and deprived of freedom, lept on a leash. Notice that no one signed this proclamation.  John Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence. He was proud of his work. Whoever wrote this trash had to hide his or her name. Says something doesn't it?

And the final insult was at the Cone Manor house.
"no pets allowed" What kind of pet are they referring to? Cats? I didn't see any of them here. Parrots, fish, pigs? No they mean DOGS. They should just admit their prejudice and discrimination and say so.

I say places should be dog friendly. We are people friendly. We make your lives so much more meaningful. We are alway loyal. We fawn over our owners. We deserve more respect. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.


Bark, bark.


  1. Rosie, Don't get me going on public parks and public land!! We have a very nice state park 3 miles from our house and they might as well add a sign that reads no fun or enjoyment is allowed here, don't even think about how fun it could be! I typically read the back of the sign, it is a lot friendlier! Hope you are enjoying your adventures! Watch out for the park rangers.

  2. Just discovered your wonderful blog. Love this post - made me laugh. Keep 'em coming!

    Boulder, CO

  3. Tim, we (my humans and I) will be in Colorado in late July and early August. 10 days in Basalt, 4 in Denver but not camping, then 4 days in Loveland. Do we have to worry about the fires?

    Bark, Bark