Thursday, May 10, 2012 television stations!!

Hi, It's Debbie.  After quite an eventful day, we finally made it from Tryon to Hot Springs Campground.  The problem was not the actual drive, which was uneventful, but the stops in between.  But I am getting ahead of myself.  Going back to this morning, I was busy packing up the things we wanted to bring from the mountain house to put in Diva (who was very safely parked in the drive by this time).  

Frank was outside doing the manly things that men do when they get in their garage. He packed up our fishing equipment, wrenches, sockets, etc.   He also ran to the hardware store to try to get a wire for the hitch.  He said he thought it would take about 15 minutes to fix the wire, but ended up taking about 2 hours.  Go figure!  It did work perfectly when he installed it. 

Finally got out of there with dog and trailer in tow....a little worse for the wear.  We had to stop to get our propane tanks filled.  I went into the camp store to buy a few more goodies so we could continue our inexpensive mode of living.  Meanwhile, Rosie saw her chance to flee and jumped out of the open truck window which her daddy had left open.  When I came back to the truck, Frank announced Rosie was GONE!  I called her and she came running.  Luckily, she didn't break anything during her jump.  It is pretty high up in that truck.  She did, however, get grease all over her back by running under some trailers.  Luckily, they were all parked at the time. I think she figured that this time she was getting out of that truck while she could, before she ended up on an embankment somewhere.  Suicide seemed to be the only option.

So back to my original point......we got into our campsite right next to the French Broad River in Hot Springs, NC.  All was well until I tried to program our (two) TV's.  No such luck!  There are no digital stations  that come in here. I probably will go through withdrawal without Grey's Anatomy.

We shared a steak for dinner and had salad.  It was great!  I am now sitting on my couch listening to classical music and listening to the river.  Not many people here now, but I am sure it will fill up tomorrow.  Hopefully, Kelley, Sean and the kids will come see us tomorrow night.  We are only about 20 miles North of Kelley's house.  We actually passed her on the way here and she got a quick glance of Diva.  She hadn't seen her yet.

I am headed to bed (early).  We have a very comfortable queen bed in this trailer.  I am ready.  More later.....

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