Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hilton Head Island, Day 2

We had another great day on HHI. Sunny all day with temperatures into the upper 70's. We took a nice bike ride through the campground and into the surrounding area.

A view from behind the campground office looking out to Skull Creek

We came across this hidden graveyard which sits in a dense live oak wooded area on Skull Creek.

Several of the grave markers had fresh flowers

Most of the grave stones were hand-carved.
The inscription reads, "Thomas Godson, Born 1913 Jan 26 Died May 15 1936"

Looking out to Skull Creek

The next stop was the Skull Creek Boathouse for lunch. This is a place we have eating at dozens of times. We used to keep our boat here.

Since we had Rosie with us we ate on the patio. Such suffering!

Rosie made herself at home

Skull Creek Marina is used for pleasure boating and commercial fishing and shrimping.

We kept our boat here when we had a house on the island. The boats are stored "dry".
This is great because the boat did not get beat up by storms and salt water.
When you wanted to take the boat out they put it in the water usually in 5-10 minutes.

The next stop was at South Beach Marina in Sea Pines. This is still on Hilton Head Island but at the very opposite end.

The South Beach Marina is off of Calibogue Sound and only a few minutes boat ride to the Atlantic Ocean

Debbie enjoying the sun

I have seen The Salty Dog shirts, hats, jackets and other items all over the world.
And yet, until recently, there was only one place to buy them, at South Beach Marina in the Salty Dog store.
 Nowhere else on the island, nowhere else in the world.
Now you can buy them here and on the internet

They only sell one brand here.

The Salty Dog and South Beach Marina are just about one and the same.
The Salty Dog owns the cafe, the pizza place, the shops, the marina

Well our 2 week trip is almost over. Tomorrow we head to Aiken, SC for a few days with friends and then home to Tryon NC. See you in the spring!


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