Friday, January 11, 2013

On the road Naples, Florida

After about 7 weeks at our home in Tryon, NC we hit the road again this time to Florida where we joined all the "snowbirds". We had a major event right at the start. The safety devise to brake the Airstream in the event it separated from the truck was accidentally deployed and the brakes to the trailer were set. My Chevy 2500 HD diesel was strong enough to keep pulling the trailer. I felt like I was dragging something and stopped but did not see the problem. When we got to the road, but luckily before we got to the Interstate, Debbie notice smoke coming from the Airstream. We pulled into a parking lot as soon as it was safe to do so. A state trooper followed us in and called the fire department. There was a lot of smoke. Two different people drove by and voiced their opinions that the brakes were the cause. It was then that I noticed the coupler for the brakes was separated. I plugged it back in and could hear the brakes unset. The smoke stopped in 30 seconds or so and when the fire department arrived they were not needed. We waited about 30 minutes to be sure there was not more problem.We cautiously drove the rig around the parking lot testing the brakes. And then on the streets and finally we ventured out on the Interstate. I tested our braking ability several times. Everything seems fine. That was close!

We always try to have flowers for Diva.

Debbie and our friend Betty are finishing dinner.

Dan, Marlene, Ava, Mila  and Luka came by for a visit.

Dan was able to back his Airstream into the spot next to us first try.
It took us, oh, 10 or 15 tries.

Ava and Mila found some leaves to play with.

Downtown Naples on 3rd Street. We had a great meal at Campiello's here.

Rosie liked all the vegetation around here.

Santa must have fallen into this tree.

Jane's car has nice eyelashes.

Self portrait

Debbie and Betty in Diva's doorway.

Breakfast at SuzieQ's old fashioned diner.

The Crunchy French Toast was great.  She dips the bread in corn flakes after  it has soaked in the eggs.

We will be heading back in a few days. I think a few days in Hilton Head, our old stomping grounds, is in order. 
See you there.

We signed up today for Alumapalozza May 28 to June 2 in Mecca, also known as Jackson Center, Ohio. This is supposed to be the largest Airstream rally going.



  1. Every owner has a few mishaps. That is a good reminder to check everything before departing. Hopefully, there was no damage done. Enjoy the beach. Perhaps we will see you at Alumapalooza. If we don't attend with our Airstream, we may visit over the weekend. JC is about an hour from us. We attended the first two but the schedule doesn't work well with our kids schools.

  2. Doug,
    Someone said that you will have 5 mishaps every RV trip. So just get used to it. Most of them will be minor, hopefully. Please look for us if you make it to Alumapalooza. We had a great time at Alumafandango and made lots of friends including Dan & Marlene.

  3. Thank you for sharing. I just love flowers in Naples, FL. They are always the most beautiful, must be the water!