Monday, June 10, 2013

Alumapalooza 4

The biggest damper on having fun at the Alumapalooza 4 Rally in Jackson Center Ohio, May 28 to June 2, 2013 was the weather. Rain the sun, then rain again then sun, the gusts of wind. We were sitting at our table in Diva one evening and it was beautiful looking out the window. I noticed a few drops of rain and within 30 seconds it was pouring and winds threatened to blow out our awning. We had to rush outside and furl up the Zip Dee quickly but it was raining so hard there was no way not to get soaked. By the time we were done the sun came out. At least we were cooled off and did not need a shower! The rally was in a grass field that had not been mowed recently. It was difficult to get from Diva to the main tent without walking through mud and water.

That said, we had a grand time meeting new friends and seeing some old ones. The seminars and entertainment were outstanding. Got to meet Andy Thompson from CanAm RV. He helped adjust my new Hensley hitch. This is a great hitch but the instructions on proper adjustment are sketchy at best. The Expedition pulled Diva so much better after it was properly adjusted.

I love the pageantry of an Airstream Rally

Gloria is a 1952 Airstream

Another view of Gloria

slADE ges a kite flying lesson from Joe

There was a 10 mile bike ride on day 3

Jackson Center area is pretty rural

Most of the barns around here had the year of construction on the roofs.

Josh Rogan wowed us all with his Friday night concert,
Josh and his wife, Eliza, are from Redstone, Colorado,
and travel in their 1962 Airstream with Harley, their dog.
Ciao, Frank

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