Thursday, June 6, 2013

Door County Wisconsin

Well, I'm officially seriously behind on my blog. We were in Door County 2 weeks ago and I'm just getting to it. I will be more timely in posting my blogs! I will be more timely in posting my blogs! I will be more timely in posting my blogs!

Door County, Wisconsin, is a peninsula that juts into Lake Michigan on the eastern side of Wisconsin. The bay on the western side of the Peninsula is Green Bay and the town at the end of the bay, where the Fox River flows in, is where the mighty Packers play. Door County is a playground for this area of the midwest. Think "Cape Cod" or "Monterey Peninsula". Country roads, farms, barns, cherry orchards, apple orchards, beaches, state parks, lighthouses, and lovely small towns draws several million people a year. People come here to soak in art and culture, ride motorcycles or bicycles, taste fine food or roadside food, kayak, or just get married.

The Wisconsin Dandelion Festival was in full bloom

Fish Creek store

I recognize the Green Bay Packer Gnomes, and the Wisconsin Badger Gnomes, but who are the other guys?

We had a very nice coffee and bagel here

Rosie says "No Comment!"

These rocks look suspiciously like owls.

I may have found Noah's Ark

Matthew came up with us to help set up the site.

Derek always has a smile

Daniel tests the water. Way too cold for a dip.

Joseph, the newest DiBona

PC Junction

PC Junction is a train themed restaurant in the center of Door County.
PC stands for "Peninsula Center"

This was our second trip to Door County. We stayed at the Egg Harbor Campground and RV Resort. This park was so nice and the owners, Mike and Debbie, were wonderful and very accommodating. The location is outstanding for visiting all of Door County.

Ciao, Frank 

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  1. Nice area over there, we live straight across the state on the west side of Wisconsin. We have only gone to Door County once, we liked it but usually we head up to the North shoe of lake Superior. Stop by if you come our way!