Monday, July 22, 2013

Metis-sur-Mer and Cap-aux-Os , Gaspe/Adventure Caravans Days 5-8

The coast along the St Lawrence river is jutted with small villages and islands

We visited the Robert Reford (not Redford!) Gardens. Reford had immigrated from Ireland. He became a shipping tycoon.

In the house was a collection of basket art

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Reford was quite a photographer. This was his darkroom which brought back very pleasant memories for me. I had a darkroom from the time I was 11 until Photoshop 2.0 took over.

This and the next three pictures are Reford's photos hanging on the walls of the house.

His daughter

Columbian Indians

His children

The St. Lawrence River caost between Metis-sur-Mer and Cap-aux-OS

After seeing Reford's black and white photos I had the urge to do some again.
This scene had very little color anyway and was perfect for B&W

Diva is resting before tackling a large hill. There were some very steep up and down grades, including a 14% downgrade.

Sam & Evelyn next to a roadside waterfall (chute in French)

We were astounded by the beauty of the drive to Gaspe.

This was the view from our campsite. Too bad it was so overcast when we arrived.

Our Adventure Caravans group gathered almost every evening for "Social"

Mike & Jan celebrating their 56th aniversary

Forillon National Park is at the tip of the Gaspe Peninsula. It is a lovely park with miles of coastline,
campgrounds, hiking trails, waterfalls, streams

The French Canadian woman who took this picture said, "Say cheese." So Debbie and I both said, "fromage." She laughed and we asked her what people said in French when snapping a picture. She said, "cheese." She added that her husband, who speaks only French, thinks "cheese" is an English word for "smile."

This grave marker of stone carved to look like a tree stump says, "In memory of John M. Luce, Esq. Native of the Island of Jersey. Died 27 June 1884, Aged 39 years" Below it says, "In the Midst of Life We are in Death"

An Anglican Church located in Forillon National Park. We visited on a Sunday morning and this church was empty.

Forillon National Park

The fishing pier

Holy Mackeral!! This woman had just caught this mackeral. In her tub she had more than a dozen which she and her husband caught. The limit is 10 per person per day. I saw people throwing back smaller ones.

The beach is small, rocky, and the water is freezing. No wonder there are so many Canadians at the South Carolina beaches.

Anyone want to lay down?

Tomorrow we are headed to Perce, still on the Gaspe peninsula. Then on to New Brunswick!

Ciao, Frank

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