Saturday, July 13, 2013

Newport, Rhode Island

Newport is the most pulchritudinous seaport we have been to. (I got that word in my Funk & Wagnal's). Well, it's darn pretty. The downtown shopping, gallery, restaurant district is along the coast with ships and docks to gaze at.

To get us to our campground our GPS led us through the jam packed, cobblestone, narrow streets of the downtown. Thank you, Mr. Garmin. There was actually a straight shot right from the Newport Bridge to Middletown avoiding all that mess. But we did get to see it, or at least I did. Debbie was driving!

This is the street we had to take Diva through to get to our campground.
It is raining at this time so the streets are empty. Not like they were when Diva was here.

Cobblestone streets are the norm in the downtown area

Most of the restaurants in this area look onto water,

We saw the same store in Annapolis MD

The Newport Bridge

The Aurora. We went on this ship for a sunset cruise and to see the 4th of July fireworks from the bay.

We had the pleasure of meeting the Marshalls at the Lobster dinner before the cruise

Matt (right) is from Philadelphia and went to Penn so we had plenty to talk about.

We thought the name, Aurora, might be prophetic because the mental health hospital in our hometown is the Aurora Center

I wish Debbie knew how beautiful she is!

My Cannon S100 has a fireworks setting. This is the first time I used it.

This beach in Middletown is the place for us young folks!

Miss July 4th ?

Nice beach blanket.

If you want to use that house at the point just tell them Frank sent you.

10 mile Ocean Drive is loaded with fantastic views, coves, mansions, cliffs.

What a place to watch the sun set.

The Cliff Walk is a path that goes for 3 miles along the sea.

Rosie met many nice dogs on the Cliff Walk.

Boston Skyline. We went through Boston after Newport, on our way to Bar Harbor, Maine
Taken from the car with my iPhone
Now we are on our was to Maine. Until then...

Ciao, Frank

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