Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Baltimore has to be one of the nicest larger cities in America. We have visited it in the past and enjoy its' neighborhoods, its' harbor, its' ballparks.

We drove to the center city, parked, and walked to Little Italy. No surprise there!

Little Italy

Ti voglia bene, I love you, in Cafe Gia.

I had the Angel Hair Pasta, Putanesca which had anchovies as well as the usual capers and kalamata olives. Fantastico!
Deb had the Chicken Picatta, which she said was perfect

Fell's Point is another charming district near the harbor.

This photo is for Anna S. because the dog on the sign looks like hers.
Also a photo from the other direction is below.

We missed this. We had already eaten but I thought about eating again. $2 beer and $2 crabs. Hard to beat.

Colorful hames in Fell's Point

The Wharf Rat. Sailors Welcome!

Ciao, Frank

Eastern Shore / St. Michaels

Sunday we drove across The Chesapeake Bay Bridge to Maryland's Eastern Shore. Debbie and I did a bike trip here about 20 years ago and had such great memories of it. Great towns like Easton, Oxford, Cambridge, and our favorite, St. Michaels. We we decided to go to St. Michaels we had no idea the a Wine Festival would behappening.

A Wish Called Wanda. To the right is one of the dozens of wine tasting venues.

A very Festive Main street.
Unfortunately, just as we got into town the clouds came in and later we had some rain

We would have bought this pillow, but Diva already has too many.

The Crab & Steak House 

No caption needed

One thing I love about Maryland is its' beautiful, colorful flag.

Ciao, Frank

Monday, April 29, 2013

Annapolis Day 2

We drove to Annapolis again today, this time without Rosie. Sorry, Rosie, but there are places they don't allow you.
The State House

Maryland Street Shoppe

We went for a harbor tour on the Miss Anne II

Queen Anne Church

Is this what they call a sailing cat?

A One Design sail race. All of the boats are made exactly the same so that only
the skills of the sailors determines the victor

I have been studying this my whole life

At Pusser's Restuarant

Naval Academy

Naval Academy Chapel. A wedding was taking place.

Tekumseh overlooks Bancroft Hall. There is a large parade ground between 

Forty-some years ago I worked one summer at the Naval Academy doing construction work. My cousin, Louie, was a stone mason and he and I tore down this wall and reassembled it stone by stone.It was falling over when we started and it is still straight and square now.

From Bancroft Hall looking out to parade ground.

Bancroft Hall

The wedding party

Faculty Housing

Another view of the State House

Thurgood Marshall Tribute

Ciao, Frank