Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Getting Ready To Go

July 4th and we are not at a picnic. No plans for fireworks tonight. Not at the pool or lake. We are getting ready to go on our full-timeAirstream adventure! Lot's of work to do. The temperature has cooled some to only 98 F. The humidity is somewhere between heavy air and soup. We do not have a 30 amp outlet at our home so no AC in Diva today.

Clutter everywhere. What goes in Diva (the Airstream)? What goes in the truck? What goes to Salvation Army?

Our walk in closet is about the size of our Airstream. So what do we take? I'm embarrassed by how much clothing I have and Debbie has twice as much as I do.  We need to be ready for hot weather, cold weather, rain but, hopefully, no snow this trip. Everyone says to not bring too much but how much is enough?

This is a small desk in our kitchen. Most of this stuff needs to come with us. But where do we put it? Our 28' AS weighs about 5700 lbs and can hold about 1800 lbs in addition. I think we are up to about 3000 lbs. so far.

I think our toiletries, make-up, toothpaste and medications alone add about a hundred pounds.

But at least we will have a nice place to sleep when day is done.

Here is our itinerary to start. We plan to leave South Carolina on Saturday 7/7/12 if all is done. First we will stop at our Tryon NC cabin for one or two nights. Then a visit with James, Kelley and the grand kids in Asheville. Next stop Jackson, OH, Mecca to us Airstreamers. Then off to visit Steve and Jenny and the 4 boys in Wisconsin for a few days. Next stop Aspen CO. We will be going to a friend's wedding in Denver August 10. We then have a month to get to Ashland OR. After that no plans. Except to be somewhere near home for Christmas.

See you all soon.



  1. This is so helpful to watch you go through all this. I am taking mental notes. It will make our transition to long-term Airstreaming much easier.

    If you guys ever get to the Central Valley of CA we have courtesy parking with full hookups! A good base for Sequoia NP.

  2. This is a dream of mine -- to scale down and hit the road fulltime with my Airstream. Thank you so much for posting this and I look forward to living vicariously through you !!

  3. Congratulations on retirement and hitting the road. We took way too much with us on our first trip which was 9 months. WE are at our base home, in Olympia, WA and I am taking everything out of the Streamer and starting all over on what to take.