Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We're Off / On the Green Road

Saturday July 7, 2012

We left Aiken, SC this morning about 11 AM, Debbie, Rosie and I, with our Airstream and truck packed to the gills. First stop was our log cabin in Tryon, NC. James and Kelley met us there with Galen and Peyton. With all of us working together we quickly emptied the UHall.

Frank & Debbie about to leave Aiken

Frank, Stacey and Debbie

We spent two nights in Tryon. Sunday we went to Gigi's nursing home and brought her to Kelley's to see everyone including Sean. Monday morning we went to visit Jessica and Schuyler in Milford OH. Pam and James joined us there and later Sean Boland and Emily Boland also arrived.

Jessica has a kitten named Rosie. Our Rosie was not impressed.

Colin is a budding comedian.

Nick and Rosie

On Tuesday we drove to Jackson Center, OH home of the Airstream. For Airstream nuts this is like a visit to Mecca for Muslims or to the Vatican for Catholics. We took the factory tour which started out a little boring but when we actually went into the working factory and watched as the Airstreams were assembled it was quite interesting. Rosie didn't like the tour, the loud noise, or any of the workers one bit, however. We placed some foam ear-plugs in Rosie's ears. Later we could not find them. Hopefully, they are laying on the factory floor.

A line-up of classic Airstreams outside of the visitors center

A very nice store full of Airstream parts and accessories

Our tour leader

A 1939 version

A shinny new 2012 just out of the factory. Airstreams are made to order. Most are ordered by dealers for their inventory but some are ordered for a specific customer.

We ran into Cece Reinhardt at the visitor's center

Cece Rinehardt and Brenda Daughtery are full time Airstreamers. Their blog features their travels but also their dedication to eco-friendly travel. Their Dodge diesel truck runs on both regular diesel fuel as well as used cooking oil (yes, cooking oil!). They have made many modifications to their Airstream to lower the impact to the environment. They are meeting with some of the big cheeses at Airstream tomorrow to discuss the possibility of incorporating some of their ideas in future Airstreams. Sounds like a win-win to me.

Cece, to the right, and Brenda joined Debbie, Rosie and me for some libations and  philosophy.

Airstream has a full campground at the factory site which is $10 per night or free if you are having any service done, which we were. Full hook-ups and WiFi included.

Ciao, Frank


  1. Rosie,
    I see I didn’t appear in Frank’s most recent post. Funny how everyone else was mentioned—Pam and James et al. But you should know that Frank and Debbie stopped by to see me before leaving Milford, OH. Perhaps you got a whiff of my sweet smell when they got back to the Airstream. I really believe they enjoyed petting my luxuriant fur without the fear of losing a hand. Sometimes good dogs do win.
    –Cammers (aka The Wonderdog)

  2. Dear Cammers (The Wonder-if You-Are-a-Dog),

    Yes I did ger a whiff of something when they returned but just assumed they had been to the dump station. I'll have plenty to say about you and your kind when it's my turn to blog. Thanks for thinking about me; I know you do that often.

    Sweet Rosie
    Bark Bark

  3. Rosie,
    I look forward to your blog. And thanks for the kind words. I bought you a present for your adventure--a dog crate from the Mutts for Mitt web site. (I had to pretend to be something less than pure in order to log in.) The crate is completely open in the front, back, and sides for extra ventilation. Enjoy the breeze. Weeeeeee!
    Cammers TWD