Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Heat! Heat! Heat!

Dear Family & Friends,

We are definitely a hot couple! That is sweltering hot. Temps in the upper 90's and low 100's in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Nebraska. I think it has been cooler in South Carolina. The air conditioner in our Airstream works, and thank God for it, but is barely able to get us to the low 80's inside.

Some statistics. Since leaving Aiken, SC on July 7, 2012:
Odometer 90382
Trip mileage 1883 miles
Fuel used 148 gal (thank you for all those fuel gift cards)
Average 12.7 mpg.

After leaving the Airstream factory in Jackson Center, Ohio we drove to Sheboygan, Wisconsin. I had the opportunity to drive the camper through rush hour traffic in Chicago. Such fun! We had a great time seeing Steve, Jenny & the boys. We visited the Bookworm Gardens, a wonderful park that takes children stories and creates small vignettes with statues and gardens.
Bookworm Gardens. I hope this bus driver knows what he is doing.

Bookworm Gardens

Bookworm Gardens. I can't believe they have a framed picture of Matthew and Daniel.

Bookworm Gardens. Da Boys

Bookworm Gardens

Bookworm Gardens. Who is knocking at my door?

Bookworm Gardens. From left, Matthew, Daniel, Derek

Bookworm Gardens. Daniel took over as bus driver.

We left Sheboygan early Sunday morning and drove to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We camped at the Pleasant Creek Recreation Area. This is a very nice park with 3 campgrounds and a pleasant lake and sandy beach. Nice large partially shaded campsites. Electric hookups but no water at site. About the only problem we had was with the Reserve America reservation system. when we went online to get a spot it said none were available but that there were 20 first come sites. On the day of arrival it said there was only one first come site. So we hurried. No stop at the grocery store, just b-line to the camp. When we got there we found dozens of spots both for reservation and first come basis.
Pleasant Creek Recreation Area
I love the fields of prairie grasses and flowers.

Pleasant Creek Recreation Area

Pleasant Creek Recreation Area

Pleasant Creek Recreation Area

We are now in Lincoln, Nebraska. Still hot! Will post again when it cools down (maybe never).


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