Saturday, April 27, 2013

Annapolis Maryland / Duncan's Family Campground

Annapolis, MD, has always been one of our favorite places. I worked at the Naval Academy one summer when I was in college. Construction work, mixing cement, setting up scaffolds, and basic grunt work. Debbie and I visited here several times before. It's a vibrant town with an active arts community, great seafood, and lots of nice shopping. So, naturally, it was on our agenda as we make our way to Philadelphia, my birthplace, for a family wedding.

We spent a night at a Cracker Barrel. Almost all Cracker Barrel's have RV parking and we always feel safe here.
Plus you can have a decent meal that's not too expensive.

Duncan's Family Campground is delightful. Shaded spots. Rosie loves the Dog Park.
And it is close to Annapolis, Washington, DC, and Baltimore.

Diva at Duncan's

I want that windshield spotless, Deb.

Main Street, Annapolis. The Marina and the Annapolis Boat Show is at the end of the street.

Who wouldn't want to be on Easy Street?

...or Francis Street?

At the Boat Show

We all enjoyed the great weather

Alex Haley, author of Roots, telling stories to three children.

Annapolis is the capitol of Maryland, as we learned in 4th grade. This is a state building

We had the good fortune to meet up with an old friend, Steve Everett, who lives here.
We are at the Annapolis Yacht Club. We are hoping to go sailing later this week.

Main Street

War of 1812 Museum

Go, Navy! (Unless you are playing Air Force)
We saw USNA Midshipmen and Midshipwomen all about town.
Very much of a college town atmosphere.

I had fabulous Sicilian grilled vegetables at Maria's near the Marina.
Debbie had a  delicious pasta with chicken and veggies.

Our two flamingoes guard our herb garden.

We will be at Duncan's for 7 days so we hope to see plenty of Washington and Baltimore.

Ciao, Frank

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