Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Baltimore has to be one of the nicest larger cities in America. We have visited it in the past and enjoy its' neighborhoods, its' harbor, its' ballparks.

We drove to the center city, parked, and walked to Little Italy. No surprise there!

Little Italy

Ti voglia bene, I love you, in Cafe Gia.

I had the Angel Hair Pasta, Putanesca which had anchovies as well as the usual capers and kalamata olives. Fantastico!
Deb had the Chicken Picatta, which she said was perfect

Fell's Point is another charming district near the harbor.

This photo is for Anna S. because the dog on the sign looks like hers.
Also a photo from the other direction is below.

We missed this. We had already eaten but I thought about eating again. $2 beer and $2 crabs. Hard to beat.

Colorful hames in Fell's Point

The Wharf Rat. Sailors Welcome!

Ciao, Frank

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  1. Wonderful capture of color in a big city! Looks like a place that we'd definitely like to explore!