Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hilton Head Island and a 1957 Airstream

We spent last night in a Cracker Barrel parking lot near Brunswick GA. The rear parking lot was nearly empty. This is our second time staying at CB and both times it was pleasant. We patronized them each time so it was win win.

Today we got to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, a place we have been coming to for over 30 years. We will be only spending 2 nights here but it is so nice to be here any time we can. We have never camped here before so we didn't know what to expect. Hilton Head Harbor Rv Resort & Marina is one of the best private campgrounds we have ever stayed at. Our site (#62) is right on the water. It is a large site, paved & level, yet they have maintained most of the original trees. There is a 100 year + old Live Oak tree just behind our camper. We did not see a bad site anywhere.

Our site witha great view of the water and marina.

But the best surprise was running into Fred Reese and his beautiful 1957 22 ft Airstream. Fred bought this Airstream in 1959. He and his wife travelled with it together until she passed away in 1975. He never remarried and has mostly lived in this trailer since. He has been on his spot here since 1991.

Fred is from Green Bay, Wisconsin but now lives in Hilton Head most of the time. He returns to Green Bay almost every fall. He was a dance instructor and still seems to be very graceful.

Fred recently buffed the finish.

When the rear tire panel was destroyed he made a new one out of wood,
painted in silver to match and etched in  the Airstream logo.

The front end has 13 panels riveted together.

The lower window here once housed an air-conditioner. He replace that with one
on the roof and devised and new window for the space.

Home sweet home

Fred is revising the inside. He is replacing the floor and refinishing the cabinets.

Who says a 22 ft Airstream is small? Fred has room for this bull's head.
Fred told me that once you get accustomed to the size, an Airstream is a nice place to live.

I rarely get into the picture but I had Debbie snap this one.

The view from 10 feet from the back of our trailer.


  1. What a neat blog post - thanks for sharing Fred's experience with us! I was hoping to scroll down and see interior shots. Really cute, and he and his late wife obviously made it all their own.

  2. There are two interior shots in the blog, one of his bed/couch, with a steer head over it and one of the kitchen. As you can see in the second shot the floor is completely torn apart as it is being restored. This made it hard to move around in the Airstream.

  3. We had the pleasure of meeting Fred & touring his Airstream a few yrs ago while vacationing at HHI. We drove thru the RV resort to check out the sites for a future stay, and spotted his trailer.

  4. Thank you for recommending this campground. Maybe, someday, we can all grow old here together! xoxo