Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hilton Head Island, SC

This post is not in sequence, nor is it actually part of our Airstream journey. I am posting it because we love Hilton Head so much and wanted our readers to learn about it.

HHI is shape like a shoe. It is 12 miles from the "toe" to the "heel".
 The beach runs the entire "sole"/
Hilton Head Island, SC is one of the greatest family beach vacation places anywhere. And we have been to the French Riviera, Italy, Greece, Southern California, Maine, Martha's Vineyard, Florida, South New Jersey, and many others. I'm not saying that HHI is better than these places, just that it's up there with any of them.

 We were lucky to spend 2 days on HHI with our dear friends Karla & Michael before we left with Diva on our Airstream adventure. This would be our last visit with Karla & Michael  for a while since we were heading off to the sunset in a few days. It will also be our last trip to the Island for a time. We have been coming to HHI for 32 years. We have owned 4 different properties on the island over the years and enjoy every visit there.

Add captionThe beach at Hilton Head Island goes on for 12 miles uninterrupted.

An older photo of Debbie and I riding bikes on the beach.
At low tide you can ride the whole 12 miles.

Some of the beach areas are maintained by hotels but anyone use these areas.

Four of our grandchildren about 2005

Annabelle and Peyton dressed up for dinner.

Gregg Russell has been performing under the oak tree at Harbor Town for more than 30 years.
Little children come and sit on a platform in front of him. He brings many of them up for an interview and to sing a song. We have been going for most of those 30 years and have not grown tired of him yet.

This kite is attached to a surfboard.

Finally a video from our most recent trip. Enjoy.

The best time to visit is almost anytime of the year. the Island used to be pretty much closed down in January and February, most of the shops and restaurants closed for the season, but not anymore.In my view, the worst time in July and August. The Island is packed with tourists from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Mayland, New York.

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