Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Holland Michigan

 Holland Michigan is a charming small city in western Michigan located on Lake Macatawa and Lake Michigan. The town was founded by Dutch immigrants in the 1840's escaping religious intolerance. Other small towns in the area are Harlem, Groningen, Zeeland, Vriesland. Tourism is the driving force of the economy. There is a beautiful downtown area, a large historic district, and an extensive beach development. Numerous parks, including one with a dog park that Rosie loved, and miles and miles of bike and hiking trails round out the area's attractions.

The "Tulip Time Festival" ended 2 days before our arrival. Which was great for us.
The tulips were still at peak but most of the tourist were gone

You can follow the "Tulip Trail" for miles through the town.
The town says the there are 6 million tulips  in the town. That is six for each tourist.

Miles of streets have tulips planted in boulevards like this or on both sides of the street in some neighborhoods.

Not my photo. From Wikepedia (Creative Commons)

8th Avenue is the main shopping/eating district.

8th Avenue

Tunnel Park on Lake Michigan

Beach picnic area at Holland State Park

Holland Lighthouse

A channel marker at the opening to Lake Macatawa. This is on the right going out to  Lake Michigan
There is another similar marker in red on the other side of the channel. "Red right returning"

From the top of the dunes

Lots of campsites at this park. There is a campground at the beach and one further inland.

We stayed at the Oak Grove Campground Resort, a very nice RV Park. It is about 5 miles from downtown Holland.
It is on the bike path that connects to other bike paths.
A short bike ride to Holland State Park along beautiful Ottawa Beach Road

Guest facilities at Oak Grove.

A visit to Holland Michigan is well worth it. We came, fortuitously, at just the right time, immediately after Tulip Time Festival.

Ciao, Frank

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