Sunday, May 19, 2013

Is it Mackinaw or Mackinac?

Okay, let's start with a spelling lesson.
    There is MackiNAW City and everything in the city or relating to the city is Mackinaw. So we are in the Mackinaw Mill CreekCamping & Lakefront Cabins campground.
     Then there is Mackinac Island that everyone comes to see. You have to get on the Mackinac Island Ferry and cross the Mackinac Strait to get there.
The pronunciation is the same. Mack-e-naugh, rhymes with awe.

This is our lakefront camping spot.

Mackinaw Mill Creek Camp, spot #178

Debbie, Rosie, Frank

All those Canadians!

Debbie and Rosie contemplate the meaning of life

The view from our campsite of the Mackinac Bridge at sunset

Mackinaw City is a gateway to Mackinac Island. It is on the very tip of the lower peninsula of Michigan. The Mackinac Bridge connects the Lower Peninsula to the Upper Peninsula, the "UP". Macinac Island sits in Lake Huron between the Lower and Upper Peninsulas.

This is one of at least 3 ferry companies

Rosie loved this aquarium in a downtown store

There are dozens of fudge factories in Mackinaw City (and on Mackinac Island)

Another view of the bridge
Star Line Ferry

Not my photo. From Flickr, with Creative Commons license

The next sever shots of the Mackinac Bridge are for the engineers out there.
It looks so flimsy but has stood for almost 60 years.

Mackinac Island is THE destination in this area. It was settled in the 17th century by Europeans. Native Americans had lived here for many years. Fort Macinac was built during the American Revolution and was taken over by the British in the War of 1812. It became a resort destination in the late 1800's.

The Grand Hotel featured in Somewhere in Time

On Mackinac Island thee are 3 modes of transportation: foot, bike, horse.
Horse pull working carriages and trucks.

This is how goods are transported from the port to the businesses.

Bikes parked all over the place. 

I suppose Bike Parking meters will be next

We took a 2 hour carriage ride around the island

Fort Mackinac

No "Two Car Garage" here

The Grand Hotel

Another Weather Stone
See my post from St. Michael's Maryland to see another

Arch Rock on the eastern side of the island

Fort Mackinac

Fort Mackinac

Part of the carriage ride was on a 3-horse carriage which took us through Mackinac Island State Park.
The park was at one time the second Nationa Park, after Yellowstone, before it was truned over to Michigan.

The Govenor's mansion

Does this mirror make me look fat?

A view from Fort Mackinac

There is a year round population of about 500 on the island but I counted 5 churches.

The worst part of the visit was all the midges. They look like mosquitoes but do not bite.
They were so thick that it was difficult to go for a walk.

There is a reason that Mackinac Island is a top vacation destination. It is lovely, well preserved, and a step back in time. There are no motorized vehicles (but watch out for those bikes!)

Ciao, Frank

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  1. Looks like a terrific campsite. Thanks for sharing your adventures! Kathy