Monday, May 13, 2013

State College, Pennsylvania / Pennsylvania State University

State College, PA (the town) and Pennsylvania State University (the university) are basically the same. Very little town/gown distinction here. It's all gown. The university dominates the town. We lived about one hour from here for 3 years and came here often to soak in the college town culture, go to book stores, dine, shop, and just have a great time. We decided to stop for one night on our way from Philadelphia to Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Since our last time here, of course, the Jerry Sandusky scandal erupted. He was found guilty of multiple counts of child sexual abuse. He still denies the charges but is in jail. This scandal also tainted the University, it's football program, and it's once beloved coach, Joe Paterno. The football team was placed on a three year exclusion from bowl games which makes no sense to me but everywhere we went in town we saw signs supporting the University and the football team.

One of the main Administration buildings viewed from College Ave.

Downtown pedestrian mall

Diva at the campground

Unfortunately the "State College KOA" was 17 miles from State College Pa, limiting our visitations.

Ciao, Frank

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