Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sault Ste Marie

Sault Ste Marie (said, Sue Saint Marie) is a city in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It sits at a strategic position where Lake Superior and Lake Huron meet, almost. There are rapids there but in the mid 1800's a lock was built to connect the two lakes. There are now 3 locks here with a 4th under construction. 10,000 ships a year come through these locks.

One surprise was that it was 15 degrees warmer in Sault Ste Marie than in Mackinaw City even though it is 55 miles further north. It was very pleasant there.

At the visitors center is this relief display of the Great Lakes

This ship has just come into the lock from Lake Huron.
The doors of the lock are partially closed.

The doors are now closed

The ship is still at the level of Lake Huron, 40 feet lower than Lake Superior

The ship has now been raised to Lake Superior's level

The ship is now moving to Lake Superior

This is an aerial photo of the locks at the visitors center.

This ship is coming from Lake Superior and has just entered the lock

The workers on the ship have tied a line to the cable and tossed the line to the dock workers

The dock worker now has the cable and will attach it to a mooring to secure the ship.
Four cables were used for this ship

This freighter has huge storage bins. The white contraption nearest to us is used to lift the lids off of the bins.
The conveyer belt is on the white structure on the ship further back. This ship is able to unload its' cargo by itself.


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  2. My wife and I stopped at the Sue locks last year when we took a loop around lake Superior with our Airstream. That was a great trip, we are doing it again this fall but taking 15 days instead of 8 days.
    Your getting pretty close to our home base(Hudson Wi) It would be fun to say hi in person if you come this way?
    It has been fun following your travels!
    Doug and Jan