Sunday, August 4, 2013

Annapolis Royal Farmer's Market / Adventure Caravans Day 21

On our last day in Annapolis Royal we went to the farmer's market which was delightful. It is comparable to the ones in Ann Arbor Michigan and Aspen Colorado, both of which appeared in previous blogsThere was a nice mix of farm products, cut flowers, baked goods, clothing , craft items, and works of art. 

A handmade and hand-painted garden bench was for sale.

This fine bespeckled gentleman with pigtails sold me a tie-dyed shirt.

With a name like "Sissiboo" this coffee has to be good.

Debbie got this hand made scarf from this woman.

All of the contestants had a teddy bear.

And the winner is...

As usual, Rosie gets the love from the pretty girls while I just get to take the pictures. 

Looking across the Annapolis River.

Such a nice place for a view.

Lobster trap buoys.

Annapolis Royal Lighthouse

The area around the farmer's market was heavy with traffic.

Some of the residents of Annapolis Royal dress funny.

A field of wildflowers beside the WalMart near Lunenburg, NS

 From the Grand Pre National Historical Park
My one B&W for this blog.

Next stop, Lunenburg, NS, another UNESCO World Heritage Town.

Ciao,  Frank

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