Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Cape Breton is an island of Nova Scotia but has been joined to mainland Nova Scotia by the Canso Causeway. The major industries of coal mining and steel production have now given way to tourism. The island itself is cut into multiple parts by rivers and bays. The northern part is mostly a national park. The 180 mile Cabot Trail is a rugged 2 lane highway around and through this park.

A rugged coastline with rocky cliffs. You can see the Cabot Trail hugging the coast.

Some of our fellow caravaners having fun

Be careful! It's a long way down there.

We visited a Cathedral in Cheticamp (yes, it's pronounced "shitty camp"), a fishing village along the Cabot Trail

Debbie gave us a small aria to demonstrate the perfect acoustics of this church and her beautiful voice.

This Acadian museum paid tribute to area "hookers", that is rug and tapestry makers.

First a drawing is made on the backing. The rug is made one stitch at a time. No knots are needed because the weave is so tight. The really difficult part is getting the level even.

The Crucifixion

A closeup of the above

The three flags of this area. The Nova Scotia flag to the right, Canada's flag in the center, and the unofficial but ubiquitous, Acadian flag. 

Debbie and Tanna enjoy a drink

S'mores, anyone?

We needed hard hats to visit a coal mining museum. I think everyone on the tour hit their helmets on the top of the mine numerous times. I probably would have had a concussion if I didn't have the helmet.

If you are 5' 1" tall you will just bump you head here. Further down the mine you will have to stoop like everyone else.

Interesting name for an ice cream parlor.

Not to be outdone, the chicken place across the street adopted a similar name.

Honey, I shrunk the kids

Our goodbye photo

I have two black and whites for this blog.

A church on Cape Breton

This 25+ year old self portrait was done with actual black & white film. I used Tri-X film almost exclusively.
This was done with my trusty Leica M3. This is from a scan of the negative.
Look, my hair is blowing in the wind!


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  2. '' we were thinking... like why don't we go those Canadianey places with the lobster rolls and stuff... and like I found your blog... and yu like TOATALLY RUINED IT FOR US... taking pictures of Everything ... and, like WHAT is black and white??"

    Seriously Frank, Your blog has been a delightful introduction for us. The photographs ARE million dollar values. We hope to follow along and explore along the same paths. Thanks.
    See you on the road. Al and Patty

    follow us at two bikes + an Airstream