Sunday, August 18, 2013

Halifax Nova Scotia

Well, this is it! This was our destination to start with, the presumed place that Debbie's cousin, Gay, lived when both Debbie and Gay were in their early 20s. Debbie has had a calling to Nova Scotia ever since.

Halifax is the largest city in Maritime Canada and has the second deepest port in the world. Halifax has a connection to The Titanic. After the ship sank ships from Halifax were sent, not for rescue as they were too late, but for recovery. 190 victims were brought back to Halifax and buried there, including John Dawson, a coal stoker, whose grave stone gave James Cameron the inspiration for the name of his main character, Jack Dawson, played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

After the film came out this grave site was bestrewn with flowers, love notes, money,
pictures and offers of marriage for this fictional character.

The Citadel of Nova Scotia is an earthern fort built by the British to protect this city and harbor
from the rebels down in the 13 colonies. You can see in this photo grass growing above the stone wall.
From the ocean and the port the fort is almost invisible.

These are not military cadets. They are student actors playing a role.

Ready, aim, fire.....NO! WAIT! Out of the way, woman!

The guard stands for one hour at a time.

The buckle of the 78th Regiment

Changing of the guard

The Clock Tower

Downtown Halifax has a nice walk along the river and port.

The sign said "No Climbing"

Poutine is a delicious combination of French fries with mozzarella and brown gravy. Nothing bad for you there, right?

Hey, sailor, what do you have there?

The Black & White for this blog comes from the Blue Rocks area of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

Our Maratime trip is coming to an end but we still have 4 more days in Cape Breton, which is really an island of Nova Scotia. See you there.

Ciao, Frank


  1. What a great trip and what a beautiful blog.-

    1. Thanks for the nice comment, Jimmy. When I clicked on the "Jimmy" I was directed to a blog 'neath the stars, by Sarah Walpert. A little snooping showed me that you are FB friends with James Garvey who I know from Augusta. Are you related to Steve Walpert from the Fort Gordon Dinner Theater? My wife, Debbie , has been in some of his shows.