Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Colorado Mountain High

Aspen, Frisco, Breckenridge, Basalt, Carbondale. These are charming towns in the Colorado mountains. We have been busy sampling all they have to offer. We were in North Platte in western Nebraska when the thermometer hit 106 F and we decided to cut short our stay there. We drove about 350 miles in one day to Breckenridge. As we arrived the mercury read 65 F, and what a relief it was!  We stayed at Tiger Run RV Resort a charming if somewhat expensive park midway between Frisco and Breckenridge.
The plaza in Breckenridge on a bright warm summer day

Just behind the plaza in Breckenridge dozens of kids cool off in the river.

There were 2 unexpected occurrences while in Breckenridge.

1. One morning our truck would not start. After a towing and 2 new batteries, about $350, everything was fine. We did not have use of the truck for one day which was nice since we had to ride our bikes to get anywhere.

2. Rosie woke us up in the middle of the night as a bear was looking for food right outside Diva. Rosie scarred it off and all was well. Later we saw warnings that because of the drought and lack of food, bears are actually braking in to homes. After I read that I moved the pepper spray from my duffle bag to my bedside! At least I will taste good to the bear.

Next stop was Basalt CO, about 16 miles west of Aspen. The drive from Breckenridge to Basalt went through a beautiful canyon

Our first stop once in Basalt? Of course, someplace to eat. Riverside Cafe is awesome, right on the river. We could see trout in the river right from our table..
Lunch at the Riverside Cafe

Debbie had the mahi-mahi sandwich and I had the pot stickers. Both were great.
My Colorado Wheat beer has a slice of lemon and orange in it.

We went fly fishing on the Frying Pan River, one of the best and most famous trout streams in the world. The river runs about 17 miles from the Reudi Dam to just past the town of Basalt where it joins the Roaring Fork River, itself a world class fly fishing destination.

The Frying Pan River

Close to the dam a fisherman plies his skills.

We caught about a dozen rainbow trout like this one.

We used a #20 Pheasant tail nymph.

Aspen, itself, is the home of artists, athletes and entertainers. It is bike-friendly, dog-friendly and pedestrian-friendly. And friendly to the eye.

Aspen Colorado

An elegant woman walks a lovely Jack Russell  down the street. On the slope you can see a ski run.

Boogie's, a renowned spot for burgers and T shirts

Many of the streets in Aspen are blocked to motor traffic.

They have this water feature in Aspen. Little children and unsuspecting dogs like Rosie walk through it and get wet. I was planning to continue this blog but once I added the video I can't. suffice it to say that Rosie refused to go over any more grates on the street.


  1. You guys seem to be off to a wonderful start to your trip...beautiful country! And, what a luxury to be able to just pick up and drive to better weather :) I think Aspen looks more beautiful in the summer than it does in the winter! A great place to spend a little time!

    They are predicting our first 90 degree day of the year this weekend. We're heading out and are going to use our air conditioner for the first time...hope it works!

  2. Thanks, Kim

    We have been to Aspen once before in the winter for skiing and twice before in the summer. Overall, the summer is better. So much to do, such great crisp air, and such beautiful vista. One thing we have noticed this summer is that the wildflowers are not as profuse as we remember them, perhaps because of the heat and drought.


  3. Frank, It looks like everyone is having a great time! Wish we were there with our Airstream (Nellie) and the pups of coarse, they would like to meet a bear too! It will be a few years till Jan and I can follow your trail, until then I will just have to read about your adventures.
    Safe travels!

  4. Thanks for the update. You are at your limit for near bear experiences. Agree, Aspen is at her best in the summer. You don't have to ski and you can touch the sky while the music and fragrance envelopes you.

  5. Did you save any of the potstickers for me?