Saturday, August 25, 2012

Surrounded by Bloggers

We are at Alumafandango, a gathering of about 80 Airstreams at The Lakeside Amusement Park near Denver. There are at least a dozen bloggers among the attendees, including several who have blogged for years and have huge followings. There are lots of great photographers and writers among them. I have tried to soak up what wisdom I could from them.

Here are their names and blog sites. I beg your forgiveness if I missed anyone, misspelled any names or mixed up which spouse went with which spouse.

Laura & Kevin
Judith & Ken
Tiffani & Deke
Josh &  Jessa
Tiffany & Sean

We also ran into Ken & Julie Callahan who have several houses, one of which is in our hometown of Aiken, SC. We have a mutual friend who introduced us via phone and internet but this is the first time we actually met them.

We have had a wonderful experience talking to experienced Airstreamers. They have all been friendly and helpful to us newbies. I think we will go to Alumapalooza next year.



  1. Hi Frank, so wonderful to meet you too! I looked for you at the dinner last night. Wanted to let you know that my blog address in your post is incorrect. It's:

    I look forward to following your adventures on Streaming Together. Safe travels. Anna

    1. Anna, sorry for the typo. I have corrected it in the blog, I hope.

      Debbie and I walked to the spot for dinner an waited outside for it to open. Just then Debbie started to get an aura for migraine. We had to head back to the trailer for her to get some medication and to lay down. Fortunately this aborted the worst of it. I walked back and got 2 plates of dinner which I brought back to the trailer. Later a friend of our from Denver visited us and we had too many margaritas to attempt a return.

      I will follow your blog, as I have been, and perhaps we can meet up again. I am already thinking about Alumapalooza next year.