Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What a Week!

We had a fantastic week at Alumafandango in Lakeside, Colorado. Rich Luhr and his staff says there were some problems setting up this inaugural event but we hardly noticed. I know we didn't have water or electricity for about 10 minutes and, gosh knows,  that was terrible. 

The very first people we met at the rally were Ken and Julie pictured below. Ken asked me where I was from. "South Carolina",  I said. "Where in South Carolina?"  he asked. "Aiken" I responded. "Really, what part of Aiken?". "You've heard of Aiken?" "Yes, we have a house there". It turns out that I had spoken to them several months ago when a mutual friend told me of their Airstreaming. Nice to meet them in person. Julie was at exercise classes every day. Ken was very helpful in solving Airstream problems.

We took a tour of Timeless Travel Trailers, co-sponsor of the event and experts in rebuilding, designing and redesigning Airstreams and other classic trailers.

Brett conducted the tour.

This Bambi was lifted off its' frame. It will be turned into a pizza place in Australia

Mila and Dan are reflecting in this mirror shinny Airstream. I am to the right looking oh-so skinny.

This multicolored parrot has his picture snapped every 5 seconds.

Fred Coldwell in his 1948 Wee Wind

This 1948 Wee Wind Airstream is in its' original conditioned. "Maintained" but never "rebuilt"

Everything in it is original.

A 40 foot Airstream! The Western Pacific used it to house workers who slept in bunk beds along one side.

Rosie inspects the new digs.

There were dozens of classic Airstreams polished to mirror finishes.

The lovely Diane Bailey with her dog. She owns 4 Airstreams.

Diane's 16 foot Happy Trails

We met in person many people we had only met virtually before. Below are Marlene, the pretty one with the smile and, what-can-I say, Dan

Luka with a K.

The perfect retirement clock

Three rasta dogs we met at the Rally

An Edward Hooper moment at the amusement park adjacent to our campsite

Frank & Debie enjoying the Ferris Wheel

Yvonne & hubby

South Carolina always gets the rap for anything that goes wrong

Here is an aerial shot of Diva. Just ignore all those other so-called Airstreams surrounding Diva

You mean you can't find us? Keep looking. 
Photo by Kevin and Laura of Rivetted, http://www.riveted-blog.com/
Posted by Rich Luhr , http://airstreamlife.com/maze/2012/08/27/1932/
Used without  WITH permission (see comments)

To see some other pictures of Diva, and who wouldn't want to?, go to Kyle and Mary's post.
Diva is featured in #84 to 90.

We are now on our way to Oregon via Utah and Idaho.


  1. Great post! I will remember to smile next time I see a camera in your hands :)

  2. And I forgot to open my eyes!!! Haha. Mali Mish fail!!!

  3. The hexacopter aerial photo is hereby officially used WITH permission. :)

    Great post!


  4. Dan & Marlene, I was actually referring to a difference in pulchritude between the two of you. Dan, you can't do anything about that.

    Kevin, I thought you wouldn't mind. Thanks.