Friday, August 31, 2012

First Days in Oregon

Well in two nights in Oregon we have experienced the worst campground ever and the best so far.
We were trying to get to Hood River for our first night but by around 5PM we knew that we did not want to keep going that far. We still had about 200 miles to go. So we used some iPhone app to find a place to stay near Baker City, a very nice historic town along the Oregon Trail. We chose Lookout RV Park since it was Good Sam approved. It was an asphalt parking lot with hookups. Not a blade of grass or a single tree or bush could be found. Everything was wrong. The utilities were at the front of the sites requiring the full extent of the hose, electric cord and cable. The sewer hookup was uphill from the trailer pad requiring shit to defy gravity. Please consult with Einstein & Newton when installing a sewer system. Well the owner was nice, the laundry was clean and at least there was a "lookout" view.

The next day we pulled into Memaloose State Park recommended by Kim at Small Small Trailer. Thanks, Kim, this is a great place to stay. We are sorry we didn't push forward the day before to get here. After setting up our trailer we drove into Hood River to see the town and get something quick to eat.

Oak Street has shops,  wineries, cafes.

This is a telling photo. The Police Station is closed.

Delicious artichoke pizza at Andrew's

The Memaloose SP campground was right on the Columbia River. We arrived without reservations and  did not have any trouble getting a spot for one night. The next day was completely booked for the Labor Day Weekend.

Diva's spot had a great view of the Columbia River. Unfortunately, this picture does not do it justice.

This magnificent weeping willow provided Diva with shade

The Columbia River near our campsite

Charcoal grilled pork chops and asparagus for dinner

Finishing dinner at our campsite. The photo was taken by our neighbors, a young couple from Portland on their way to a Dave Matthews concert nearby.  We shared some our dinner with them and they shared their desert, grilled peaches. We also shared a few hours of conversation.

Debbie seems pleased with our circumstances.

We will be spending the Labor Day Weekend near Portland on the Columbia River. I hope the campsite is half as nice as this one.

Thanks, Kim.



  1. Hi Frank and Debbie,
    So glad you guys enjoyed Memaloose...we like it there, too! Can't wait to hear all about your travels through Orgeon!

    I'm excited to see what you think about Crater Lake. It was chilly in the evenings (32 at night) but the daytime temps were perfect. There are a few full hookup sites at the park which I didn't realize.

    Be sure to see a sunset or two while you're there. The sunsets in the park rivaled sunsets we've seen in Hawaii!

    Safe travels -

  2. "requiring shit to defy gravity" you are killing Dan and me today Frank. Lol! And making our drive thru the corn fields of MN much more enjoyable. Thanks :)