Monday, August 6, 2012

I Love Shostakovich

Hi, I'm Rosie, the dog.

Yesterday my humans, Frank & Debbie, went with two friends, Bob & Tina, to the Aspen Music Festival and I came along. We all sat outside the tent on the lawn for free. There were hundreds of humans and dogs there. The humans had wine and cheese and I had Bonz. They were terrific.

Here I am, looking good,  waiting for the music to begin.  It is so embarrassing to be on a leash when I am so good. 

Tina (the cute one) and Bob. That wretched husky Aspen is giving me the eye.

The other wretched husky, Jag.  I do have to admit that his blue eyes and warm-hearted demeanor are rather sexy.

Anyway, The Aspen Symphony played a Dvorak cello concerto which was mezzo-mezzo. But then came the Shostokovich Symphony #5 which has always been one of my favorites. Below are the final measures of this symphony along with my instantaneous critique. You can see that many people agreed with me.

Bark, Bark


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