Saturday, September 8, 2012

Corvallis and Oregon State University

Debbie and I have always loved college and university towns. There is something stimulating about being in these places. Ann Arbor, Michigan. New Haven, Conn. Cambridge Mass. Ithica NY. Athens, GA. Clemson SC. Boulder CO. Small colleges and large universities. It doesn't matter.

Now we can add Corvallis, OR and Oregon State University to the list. It was about a 50 mile drive from our campsite in Newport OR to Corvallis. OSU makes up a large chunk of the center of town. A lovely campus and a terrific town.

I took this picture and several others for our friends, Karla & Michael, devout Clemson fans and of everything orange.
They would feel right at home in Corvallis, Oregon. Powered by Orange.

This one is for Kelley our daughter. Kelley with an "e". Taken from our moving truck. I was barely able to get  the camera opened. It didn't say "Kelley's Body sho" but I'll leave that as is.

OSU's campus is very green.

I was looking for the Anthropologie store here!

For you youngsters out there, this is what they used to use in cameras before they had SD cards..

Even the bicycle tires are sometimes orange.

Pretty orange dress.

Rosie enjoyed the smells in Corvallis

This sign was orange but it was in a dark hallway and didn't come out right.

There is a park along the Willamette River with shops and cafes. We ate at this nice place.

It was 85 F when we were in Corvallis. These children found a great place to cool off.

The next morning we awoke and saw something strange outside for the Oregon coast. Sunshine, blue skies. We rushed to get out and walked about a half of a mile to the beach to see what it l, looked like in the sun. No such luck. Talk about micro-climates. As we approached the beach we could see fog

You can see the fog over the water.

On the beach dense fog and poor visability.

I saw this beautiful car and my first thought was, can it pull Diva, our Airstream?

Here a a few videos of Rosie having a great time at the beach.

Click the arrow on the bottom left to play.

Click the arrow on the bottom left to play.

The sun disappeared by the time we got back to the camper. Of course, we have not seen a sunset over the Pacific yet.

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