Friday, September 7, 2012

Newport Oregon and South Beach State Park

We are now at the South Beach State Park about 2 miles south of Newport Oregon on the magnificent Oregon coast. We took 99W out of Portland so that we could see more of the Willamette Valley. 99W becomes 223, 18 etc until about McMinnville then just 18. Unfortunately, this was like one gigantic suburb with small businesses, grocery stores, traffic lights, school crossings and other obstacles until about McMinnville. After that it is rolling hills and farms and vineyards all the way until the Coastal Mountains. Hwy 18 ends at the famous US 101 just north of Lincoln. The drive through Lincoln reminded me of the small towns along the New Jersey and Maryland coast when I was a child, before the casinos and large hotels came in.

Site F18. Plenty of room for Diva and the truck.

We always try to have fresh flowers on the table.

A pronouns should always agrees with his antecedent.

This must have been a really difficult landing!
Vineyards in the foreground. 

We are in the Willamette Valley approaching the Oregon Coastal Range.
Over these mountains is the Oregon coast.  The other side of this range has its' own climate.
The temperature difference on this side of the Coastal Range and the other can be 25 F.
Hot in the valley cold at the coast.

Newport has a waterfront area with actually working warehouses and plenty of shops and restaurants.

Waterfront shops (or are they shoppes?)

It was actually brightly sunny at the waterfront but heavy fog is almost a constant at the beach.
We are looking from a pier west to the Pacific, a mile or so beyond the bridge.

Hundreds of sea lions are there to amuse the tourists.

There are a dozen places to eat here. I wanted crabs and not everyone had them.
We just looked for a place that was crowded. and had crabs.
Ocean Bleu @ Gino's fit the bill.

Steamed Dungeness crab, jasmine rice, roasted peppers and plenty of lemon and butter. Yummy!

The beach near our campground was not inviting.
Windy with a chill in the air while 1 mile inland it was short sleave weather.

Nye Beach is a section of Newport also with plenty of shops and restaurants.

A shoppe for underpants.

A decoration in one of the shops in Nye Beach

Nye Beach. Again with the fog and the wind and the chill.

Even this gull needed a break

Back at South Beach SP with the Diva's new flag we bought in Newport.

Rosie and I took the truck to a car wash. She accompanied me on my lap until it was over. 

So far the Oregon coast has been grand. This is our second Oregon Sate Park campground and they have also been great.

Next post: Corvallis Oregon.


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