Saturday, September 8, 2012

Wildfires in White Salmon Washington

We were watching the news 2 days ago and there was a report on wildfires in White Salmon Washington. It didn't mean too much to us until we saw where it was. We were very close a week ago. Brings it home. The campground did have No Campfires signs up. They have had a very dry summer especially considering how much rain this area usually gets (lots).

The fires are still active and only partially controlled. Evacuations have ended.
They are referred to as the "141 Wildfires", 141 being the highway they boarder.

Here's a link to our post about this area.



  1. Can you smell smoke from where you are? Amazing how the smell can travel, depending on the wind.

  2. Anne, by the time the fires started we were in Portland 100+ miles away. No smell. When we were inPortland there was an unused hotel qthat caught fire right next to I-5 near were we we're the days before. Is it us?