Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Stranded in Astoria **

On Labor Day we drove from our campsite, about 20 miles north of Portland to Astoria Oregon. About an hour and a half. A very nice road but limited views of the Columbia River. Unfortunately, nearly everything was closed for the day. There were two places recommended for fish & chips, both closed. We did get tot see the Flavel house and that was interesting. But all in all, Astoria was a little disappointing.

This was recommended and was open. But by the time we were hungry we were a mile away on foot.

Nice place for Labor Day

Captain George Flavel was a sea captain in the mid 1800's who decided that he saw opportunity in Astoria which had about 500 people at the time. He knew the Columbia River by heart and could avoid all the shoals and sandbars that hampered ships bringing goods to and from Portland. He got a license to escort ships through these perilous waters and made a fortune doing it. He also developed many other businesses, most of which were also successful. He was an outstanding citizen and devoted much of his time to the development of Astoria. By the time of his death Astoria had 6000 citizens.

His mansion had a prominent location overlooking the Columbia Riaver.

The dining room looks like ours in Aiken SC

The stove doesn't.

Debbie liked the bathtub.

That sounds cheap for romance.

Recommended if you like wonderful beds.

The bakery was closed. Darn!

Clever use of Scrabble tiles in this book store.

Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road

I need a caption for this.

Warehouse window. but is it art?
(This was actually taken in Portland)

We had a big scare coming back from Astoria.When we left in the morning it was cold in our campground. We left Rosie in the camper because we thought she wouldn't like Astoria. We left the windows closed so she wouldn't freeze. On the was back we noted that the temperature was climbing and by 3PM when we returned it was 79 F. We were so frightened that Diva would be very hot and that Rosie would suffocate and die. We rushed back and made a dash to open the camper. Rosie was fine. Diva was 83 F.  She still had plenty of water available. She was, of course, happy to see us.

So now we are off the the Oregon Coast for a week . Life is tough but someone has to do it!


** Stranded in Astoria is the name of a long running play about the history of Astoria/


  1. Please, one romance for a quarter.

    Caption for "Vacuum Leaner": Amputee Discount.

    Miss you guys,


  2. Linda, Send me the quarter and I'll send the guy who got the discount on the vacuum leaner.