Monday, September 10, 2012

Umpqua Lighthouse State Park

We stayed 4 nights at the South Beach State Park near Newport Oregon and loved it. Our next destination was Umpqua Lighthouse State Park near Reedsport Oregon and not too far from Coos Bay.  When we left Newport it was raining. As a matter of fact we saw the sun for a few hours our first day and for an hour one morning. Trying to pack up the Airstream while it is raining is, well..., trying. Everything was wet and muddy. We had wet chairs, a wet outdoor mat, a wet tablecloth, and all had some of the Oregon coast stuck to them. So we were hoping for a change of weather in Umpqua. No such luck.

Highway 101 runs over this access road.

The beach was lovely but cold, windy and damp.

There was a nice 2-3 mile hike from the campground around a lake and to the lighthouse.

Why did we leave our binoculars at the camper?

So I will admit it. We are wusses. We are from South Carolina. We like the sun and warmth. We had signed up for 2 nights at Upmqua but called the RV park in Ashland and decided to leave for there one day earlier than planned. 

We are now in Ashland and it is warm and dry. I just got a new camera, a Cannon Powershot S100, one of the most highly rated point and shot ever. Look for some pictures from Ashland soon.



  1. Ah Frank, Now you understand my love/hate relationship with Oregon :) It can be beautiful when the sun shines but it rains far too much....especially at the coast!

    Hope you're enjoying yourself in Ashland! Can't wait to hear what you think of Crater Lake!!

  2. Kim, So far we love Oregon! Rain and all. I know that round about March or April (or maybe May) it would get kind of old. We felt that way when we live in the mountains in Pennsylvania. Starting in October the sky turned gray and stayed that way until late April. But Oregon has so much going for it.

    Ashland is wonderful and the sun has been out very day. I could live here easily. We will be leaving for Crater Lake on Friday.